Sisters + Highway 3.
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Sisters + Highway 3.

3 Girls!
Completely opposite of boys that we are used to but talk about adorable!
If you are unsure of what ages our blankets are great for, this shows you that they are great for ALL ages!  
From wrapping up a tiny new baby to the big sister cuddling with her own!!
Our personalized name blankets are extremely soft and have been described in some pretty funny ways by kids such as "It's like cuddling puppies"!
Now check out this awesome photoshoot by the amazing Maranda Wynne Photography - Northwest Arkansas!
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and her website

Brand new Ariana has a Teal (light font ) Baby/Toddler Size (30x40) Name Blanket.

Middle sister Mia is 2 years old with her bright PINK Retro Cursive Small (30x40 Toddler/Baby Size )
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Big Sister Sophia is 5 years old and is a great model! She has a Teal, Light font Throw Blanket Size ( 50x60)

This last one is just precious....the bond these sisters will have i'm sure will be awesome!


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