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Kool Kid Carter

Everyone please put Carter in your thoughts and prayers today as she will have heart surgery to repair a hole in her heart!

Carter is the daughter of some great friends of ours and basically like a little sister to my boys!

You can read about her upcoming heart surgery on her moms blog HERE!


This little girl is quite the character, and anyone that meets her instantly LOVES her ( she may not love them….and gives some great looks ) but everybody loves Carter and pictures don't do her justice because you have got to see her dance .. this girl has some moves!

 Carter was born with Koolen-de Vries Syndrome.

Koolen-de Vries Syndrome is genetic syndrome involving the 17th chromosome and is caused by a microdeletion at 17q21.31 (including the KANSL1 gene) or is caused by a change or mutation of the KANSL1 gene. The microdeletion or the KANSL1 mutation cause developmental delays, learning difficulties and can cause a number of other health concerns.

You can read more about this genetic disorder here!


We have always used Carter as a Highway 3 model, and made her pose for us, which she used to HATE us and give us some great mean mugging looks but in the last 6 months she has started to be a great model! :) How cute are these from a few months back...she has lots of Carter Highway 3 goodies of course, and her adorable shirts are from https://www.littlestwarrior.com/ 

So last week we decided to do a quick photo shoot before her big surgery and she did awesome and gave us some great smiles and laughs!

Last week Carter was featured on a Support KDVS facebook page, and they shared 17 facts about her! We LOVE these!

  1. I'm Carter and I am 2.
    2. I live in Kansas
    3. I was diagnosed shortly after birth. 
    4. My nick name is Krazy Kool Carter, my mom used to sing a song to me about it.
    5. I get to wear 2 hearing aids and SMO braces. 
    6. I love to be tossed in the air.
    7. I love to dance and watch hip hop dancing videos.
    8. I love to ride my roller coaster through the house. 
    9. I enjoy going to the park and playing outside.
    10. I have been on an airplane 2 times.
    11. I never stop moving unless I am sleeping.
    12. I love oreos.
    13. I use sign language to tell Mom and Dad what I want.
    14. Nursery rhymes are the best; my favorite is Wheels on the bus.
    15. I have to have my heart fixed in a few weeks.
    16. I love to read books.
    17. I love watching videos and seeing pictures of all the other Kool Kids.


We love you Carter and can't wait to see you kick this surgery and bounce back and be dancing in no time!

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