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August 31, 2017 2 min read 1 Comment

Highway 3 has finally started a 

You can find the link to our blog from the homepage of !!

 I know I know you all see way too many blogs all the time and have plenty to read i’m sure... so why not add another!

This will be a place we can share some of our fun photos, and stories about our business and personal lives as well as some diy and home decor!!

So to introduce some of you that may not know much about us or our business here are a few facts!

  • We are sisters Erin & Trisha (not twins, however we get asked that and do have some twin like qualities )

  • We have 7 kids between the two of us ranging in ages 14 to 2 ( and only 1 girl ) so lets just say it is a little wild around our houses!

  • We have crossed many entrepreneurial paths over the past 5 years, from our photography (NV Photo), interior & graphic design, and owning a small boutique and somehow in late 2015 it led us to

  • We were looking for a certain style personalized blanket for Erin’s youngest son Lev’s nursery and could not find what we were wanting anywhere on the internet….so we made our own and it turned out awesome, and that is where our business began!

  • The name “Highway 3” comes from where we grew up on Highway 3 in a small town in Kansas, where our parents still live!

    • -Home Decor

    • -DIY Projects

    • -Shopping

    • -Travel ( always planning our next vacay! ) 

    • -Watching our kids play sports 

    • -A good glass of wine!

    • -A day on the lake!

    • -Memes, videos and anything funny!

    • -Photo shoots of families and kids with their Highway 3 goodies!

    • -Home decor ideas, diy and probably some pinterest fails. 

    • -A little bit of our personal lives, vacations, our kids or maybe just a weekend at the lake! 

    • -Momlife, anything that relates, funny videos, pictures, stories that relate to all of us     moms just trying to keep it together!

    • -Products we love and want to share with you ! 

    • -Discounts- You may find some GREAT Highway 3 discounts if you read our blog!

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    mary Scott
    mary Scott

    October 01, 2020

    I am trying to purchase this blanket I Received a text saying they entire site was 30%off but it will not allow me to do this, please help me with this, thank you

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